Consider on the processing of personal data of customers - individuals

User by sending messages in the "feedback form" on the website https://mantera-residence.ru accepts this consent to processing personal data (hereinafter referred to as consent), including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage (clarification, updating, change) of personal data - name, contact phone number, e-mail address ooo sz "sochi-park five plus ", located at the address: Krasnodar Territory, the city of Sochi, Olympic prospect, 21, of. 347

The obtained data LLC Sochi-Park Five Plus undertakes to use for building a database of potential buyers of mantera residences seaview residence, for feedback and to inform customers about the news company, promotions and special offers of the company, as well as for holding surveys and marketing research. I confirm that the personal data relating to me (name, number contact phone number, e-mail address), provided by me ooo sz "sochi-park five plus" by entering them in this consent form voluntarily and are reliable. I am aware that in the event unreliability of the provided personal data and information of llc sz "sochi- park five plus” reserves the right to terminate the service. ooo sz "sochi- park five plus" guarantees the use of the provided data exclusively in the manner described, guarantees confidentiality and non-distribution of the specified data in accordance with federal law No. 152- fz “on personal data”. I hereby confirm that I have been notified that processing of personal data is carried out by operators in any way, in including both using automation tools (including software software), and without the use of automation tools (using various material media, including paper media). present law (consent) is valid for 75 years and can be revoked unless otherwise established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, by sending me a written notice to the operator (as it the definition is given in the federal law dated July 27, 2006 No. 152-fz “On personal data") to which personal data is transferred. I am informed that in I can withdraw my consent at any time by sending a written claims against OOO Specialized Developer Sochi-Park Five Plus. e-mail address info@sp5plus.ru this consent is considered withdrawn from the moment the operator receives a request to terminate processing of personal data.