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MANTERA Seaview residence has topped the monthly rating of the Unified Developers' Resource (UDR). For three months in a row, the project has been first in the Top Residential Complexes all-Russian rating, confirming the status of the best in its segment. No. 1 in the Russian Federation, Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class category. No. 1 in the Krasnodar Region, Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class category. No. 1 in the Krasnodar Region, Elite Class category. No. 1 in the locality - Sochi. The UDR rating demonstrates that the consumer characteristics of a property are rated highly by real estate market professionals.


MANTERA Seaview residence is vigorously landscaping its interior. Palm trees are currently being planted. Tropical trees will decorate the space near the five-star hotel and adjacent pools. These will be joined by eucalyptus, magnolias, agaves and other plants. Greenery is one of the key elements of landscape design at MANTERA Seaview residence. Its main idea is to make life in the elite complex not only as comfortable as possible, but also environmentally friendly.


Everyone can contribute to the creation of a clean world and the preservation of the environment. The MANTERA Seaview residence team took part in the traditional All-Russian community workday held in Sirius on 22 April. During the spring campaign, the public areas near the seaport and on the promenade, near the Olympic Avenue, were put in order. Care for the environment of resort spaces and commitment to the principles of sustainable development are embedded in the philosophy of the MANTERA Seaview residence project, so the best way to show a responsible and considerate attitude to nature is to start with yourself.


For the second month in a row, our project MANTERA Seaview residence tops the Top Residential Complexes all-Russian rating by the Unified Developers' Resource (UDR) in four positions at once. No. 1 in the Russian Federation, number of storeys, class. Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class category. No. 1 in the Krasnodar Region, class, number of storeys. Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class category. ▫No. 1 in the Krasnodar Region and class. Elite Class category. No. 1 in the locality - Sochi. The UDR rating demonstrates that the consumer characteristics of a property are rated highly by real estate market professionals.


MANTERA Seaview residence was awarded a winner’s diploma in the "Best New Residential Complex in the Black Sea Region" category of the largest urban planning competition in Russia - TOP Residential Complex 2023. The ceremony featuring leading developers of the Krasnodar Region was held as part of the 39th Multi-Apartment Construction: New Challenges and Prospects conference organised by the Unified Developers’ Resource. The first place was awarded to the elite complex by more than 400 experts from 52 regions of Russia. The assessment was based on 133 parameters combined into 8 groups, including: the complexity of development, provision of facilities, architecture, yard and parking spaces, "smart home" and much more.


MANTERA Seaview residence took 4 first places in Top Residential Complexes, a monthly all-Russian rating by the Unified Developers' Resource, at once, confirming its high quality of implementation and the status of being the best. In March, the project was awarded top positions in the following categories: in the Russian Federation, number of storeys, class - Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class; in the Krasnodar Region, class, number of storeys - Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class; in the Krasnodar Region and class - Elite Class; in the locality - Sochi.


MANTERA Seaview residence is the best Black Sea complex! The project won the biggest award in Russia for new residential complexes - TOP Residential Complex 2023. The organizer of the competition is the Unified Developers' Resource. The title of The Best New Residential Complex in the Black Sea Region title was awarded to MANTERA Seaview residence by over 400 experts. 12 projects competed for the victory in this nomination. The TOP Residential Complex awards serve as an authoritative recognition of the high consumer qualities of a real estate object.


MANTERA Seaview residence is the best residential complex in the Russian Federation and the Krasnodar Region in the deluxe segment according to the Developers’ United Resource! In February, the complex was at the top of Top Residential Complexes, a monthly all-Russian rating, in the Mid-Rise Buildings, Elite Class category twice. The project got the highest scores for consumer characteristics consisting of 133 parameters. These include transport accessibility, infrastructure, security, energy efficiency and others. In February, OOO “Specialized developer Sochi-Park pyat plyus”, the developer of the project, also became 1st out of 46 in the consumer qualities rating in the Krasnodar Region.


The construction of MANTERA Seaview residence is going on at almost cosmic speed. In 2021, we started with the most ambitious project for the city of Sochi. And today, together with you, we are witnessing how majestic the complex with a five-star hotel, a convention center and club residences is becoming. A project of this level is attracting more and more market attention. And this only makes it more valuable on a national scale.


MANTERA Seaview residence continues to lead in the all-Russian rating of new buildings from the Unified Builders Resource. Having successfully started from the first place among elite-class residential complexes in the Krasnodar Region in December 2022, in January 2023 we made it to the top of the Sochi rating. To evaluate the rating participants, 133 parameters are used, related to the preferences of buyers and consumer characteristics of the complexes, which include conditions that create an increased value of housing inherent in resort real estate.

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According to the Wordstat statistics, in March 2023, there were 375,162 search queries from Russian citizens for apartments and houses in national resorts. This is 5 times more than for the purchase of real estate for recreation in the most popular foreign locations - Dubai, Thailand, Turkey and Egypt, says Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of the FIVE property development company.

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“Prices for new housing in Sochi in 2023 will increase by an average of 15-20%,” Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of Five, a resort real estate developer, told Izvestia. The increase in cost is influenced by such factors as the shortage of free land, the rise in the cost of materials and utilities, and so on. Demand for domestic tourism is growing and this stimulates the market to raise housing prices

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Luxury housing has been built more often by companies that traditionally specialize in it, as well as property developers from other segments. Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of Five, a resort real estate developer, told SBER Pro what the demand for high-end properties would be in 2023 and what needed to be taken into account in the implementation of a project in order to attract the attention of the buyer.

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Interest in resort real estate is growing. Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of FIVE, a development company, in her author's column for REPA, an association of real estate market professionals talks: ▫️about buyers of premium resort real estate on the coast ▫️about the dynamics of demand in Sochi in 2022 ▫️about the formats that will be in demand in the near future

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Interfax-Nedvizhimost quotes Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of Five, saying how many years it will take to satisfy demand for premium resort residential real estate in Sochi. Spoiler: about 15.

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RBC has calculated how much Russians spent on luxury housing in Sochi in 2022 (40% more than in 2021). According to Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of MANTERA Seaview residence, it is the elite segment that is the most stable in the real estate market during the crisis, and there are many reasons for this. Those who used to buy assets in Europe now began to consider the resort capital of Russia for investment in real estate. Dubai has become Sochi's key competitor in real estate transactions in 2022.

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FIVE, a development company, presents its elite complex on the Black Sea coast MANTERA Seaview residence. It consists of several buildings of deluxe-class residences, city villas, a five-star hotel with 400 rooms managed by a professional team with many years of experience of working in international hotel chains, and a convention center for 1.2 thousand people.

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The Megabudka bureau tells Archi.ru about the architectural and landscape features of playgrounds in MANTERA Seaview residence. The children's play area of 2,000 sq. m is located at the base of the hills and is divided by age - these are spaces with a large sandbox and trampolines for toddlers, play areas for older children and teenagers. The territory is protected against gusty winds coming from the sea by a system of hills that are 3 meters high and have a practical application - they are used as children's slides, with rock climbing elements.

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The MANTERA Seaview residence penthouse overlooking the sea and the mountains has made it into the TOP 15 most expensive penthouses in Russia, according to Mir Kvartir. The rating was compiled by the consulting company NF Group ex Knight Frank. In addition to high ceilings, wide sea views offered by the seafront, luxury complex infrastructure, absolute privacy and interior design solutions using natural materials, the owners of one of the most expensive penthouses in the country will have access to high-class 5* hotel service.

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IRN.RU: The FIVE developer has won Investment Leaders Awards in the “Investment in Tourism. Company of the Year" category. FIVE invests in the development of resort real estate, tourism and hotel infrastructure. Each project, starting with the flagship MANTERA Seaview residence in Sochi, is the result of careful detailed elaboration of the concept and economics. Quality management and synergy of natural potential and modern engineering and technological solutions allow to create resorts complying with the world’s best standards.

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FIVE Commercial Director Elena Kabesheva told Izvestia why real estate in Sochi remains a risk-free investment tool. Now people with good financial capabilities prefer to invest not in the comfort or business class, but in premium real estate, which is also available in Sochi. Such assets have repeatedly demonstrated greater resilience during economic shocks - their prices almost do not decrease.

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Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of FIVE, told Snob how to choose a location for an elite real estate project and assess the potential of the area for the implementation of resort development projects. For this purpose, FIVE has developed its own vitality index. Read more

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MANTERA Seaview residence признан победителем независимой премии Green Property Awards, определяющей лучшие «зеленые» проекты и компании. Объект победил в номинации «Проект будущего – «Многофункциональный комплекс» за соответствие «зелёным» стандартам качества.

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«Мир квартир» рассказывает о лучших проектах девелопмента в Сочи, где появился комплекс апартаментов с самым дорогим предложением в России – Mantera Seaview residence, объект deluxe-класса на первой линии моря. На территории элитного комплекса будет работать 11 бассейнов, в том числе с морской водой, фонтаны; будет создано самое современное и трендовое благоустройство, включая целый частный дендропарк с 60 видами растений.

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«Строительная газета»: в первый частный дендрарий на Юге России инвестируют не менее 500 млн рублей, компания FIVE создаст парк на территории комплекса апартаментов MANTERA Seaview residence. Девелопер запланировал высадить в парке около 30 тыс. субтропических растений более 60 видов.

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“FIVE, a developer, has assessed the potential of the Russian cities for the development of premium resort real estate,” TASS writes. The rating of the investment-worthy locations was announced at the business breakfast of Urban Community, a community of leading developers and builders of Russia, in Sochi.

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On 29-30 September, Sochi hosted a press tour of the iconic investment-worthy properties of the Black Sea coast — the participants and winners of Urban Awards, the most prestigious real estate market award. The attendees visited the deluxe-class MANTERA Seaview residence complex. Elena Kabesheva, the commercial director of the project, spoke about the company’s own project – Vitality Index – thanks to which developers can assess the resort potential of the territory of Russia in order to make the right decision regarding development in a particular region.

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NERS.RU: FIVE, a developer, has compiled a list of locations with the highest potential for the development of premium resort real estate, which was headed by Sochi and Yalta. The rating was based on several criteria, including but not limited to, infrastructure, lack of industrial areas, unique landscape features, average annual temperature and precipitation in the location, as well as the environmental component.

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«Строительная газета» - о совместном исследование девелопера FIVE и ЦИАН. Согласно исследованию потенциал для роста курортной недвижимости внутри страны критически связан с уровнем и скоростью развития инфраструктуры.

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Первую в курортной недвижимости России digital-модель разработал федеральный девелопер FIVE, в рамках своего флагманского проекта в Сочи — MANTERA Seaview residence. Своя «муза» в перспективе будет у каждого проекта застройщика, а в образах новых героинь будут раскрываться особенности того или иного жилого комплекса.

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