Smart Home system

*  Система «Умный дом»
The high-tech Smart Home system aimed at creating an atmosphere of safety and conditions for ultra-comfortable life in the residences has been integrated in MANTERA Seaview residence.

The Smart Home technology in the MATERA Seaview residence provides, among other things, the following capabilities:
  • • automatic energy accounting system;
  • • intelligent control of electricity, lighting, dimming;
  • • temperature and humidity sensors in the residences;
  • • intelligent control of security systems;
  • • door and window opening sensors;
  • • control of leaks in residences;
  • • «smart» heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • • keyless access to the residence.
The elite complex has been assigned class D “Smart Home” according to the methodology of the Unified Developers' Resource (UDR).

The register of «smart» new buildings including the MANTERA Seaview residence is available on the website of the Unified Developers' Resource.