* Investment
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Return on investment, taking into account the income program and the growth in the market value of the residence.
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* Investment
MANTERA Seaview Residence is an income-generating collectible.

The deluxe project MANTERA Seaview residence is unique. Location - a picturesque bay with a unique climate and the first coastline in the heart of the federal territory "Sirius", which has a special state status and great development prospects. Panoramic windows, balconies, loggias and terraces of the residences offer stunning views of the Black Sea and the Main Caucasian ridge; the complex includes more than 40 recreation and entertainment facilities, including 11 pools of various shapes and sizes, 8 of them with natural sea water.

Our residents take an active life position, live and work in different cities. Owning the MANTERA Seaview residence allows you to take a break from everyday life and plunge into the bliss of a private space on the shores of a picturesque bay.

The rest of the time, the residence can bring a solid profit under the Yield Management Program.
The management company will provide comprehensive maintenance, security of the facility and take a set of measures for year-round loading.
Considering that today the growth of the investment attractiveness of the federal territory of Sirius is gaining momentum, the acquisition of real estate here seems to be even more valuable.
You can choose a residence and get a calculation of the potential of the residence's yield by filling out the form.
By handing over your residence to management, you solve several problems at once: