Outdoor pools

*  Outdoor pools
Outdoor pools
Outdoor pools
Outdoor pools
Naturally yours
** Naturally yours

The elite complex is created in a combination of the elements of the sun and water. No other deluxe residence on the Black Sea coast can boast such a number of artificial water mirrors on the territory - 11 swimming pools with fresh and natural sea water of the highest quality standards.

One resembles a mountain river, the other, like a fairy-tale nymph, coquettishly looks out from behind shady trees, and the third resembles a coastal lagoon, where the clear turquoise surface reflects the sky... Each pool has its own geometric shape, inscribed into a single landscape ensemble.

Waves of light music.
The shore of your own private sea.
The perfect place to have a date with your true self.

SPA & Swimming pool

* SPA & Swimming pool
Spa & swimming pool



The spa complex instantly immerses its visitors in an ambience of serene tranquility. Its elaborate design featuring soft lines and delicate lights accompanied by the scent of alpine flowers and soothing colors provide a dream milieu for relaxation. Natural skincare and spa products are used here to perform unforgettable beauty ceremonies.

Qualified cosmetologists will help you choose from a selection of spa and beauty treatments – from massage and hot stone therapy to exfoliation and skin rejuvenation to body wraps.

State-of-the-art equipment guarantees impressive results without any injections or needles. Only premium products made in Switzerland and Japan are used here during treatment sessions.

Here you will find manicure and pedicure parlors, a beauty salon, a snow room, a steam room and a large swimming pool boasting an interior fit for an Arab prince. Relaxing music, exotic aromas and flickering candlelight will take you to your own private universe of blissful relaxation.

Swimming pool

* Swimming pool

The feast of the spa experience continues at the large indoor pool. The remarkably spacious hall pleasantly surprises with a combination of natural luxury and antique proportions. Semicircular arches give the interior a light touch of a Tuscan palazzo, and the noble mosaic in the rays of underwater lamps looks even more expressive.

On the hottest day, there is blissful coolness here, and the turquoise water mirror invites you to appreciate the real depth of the pool. Smooth lines and calm pastel colors of the interior emphasize - whatever the weather at sea, here you can always count on perfect calm.


Naturally ballanced.
The introduction to the hotel at the Mantera Seaview Residence mixed-use complex begins with the lobby bar and Great Room. The first impression is the strongest, so there are no random accessories in the interior. there is a touch of exotic charm in the noble design character.
The color assortment is worthy of a gourmet - here prevail cinnamon cappuccino, caramel and a bit of chocolate. Asparagus inclusions remind of the proximity of the sea, and exquisite arches recreate the decoration of a Romanesque patrician villa.
The jewel in the room is the majestic bar under the impressive frieze. the shelves go high up, displaying a selection of collectible drinks. behind the long counter there is enough space even for a large company.

The Great Room combines several purposes at once. Private reading or a friendly conversation with a glass of wine, a business meeting or a light family get-together look organic and natural in its interior. Tranquil furniture with a light colonial flavor, natural wood paneling and elegant textiles create an atmosphere of home comfort.

The sense of tranquility is heightened by the tactful warm light, and contemporary art objects endow the space with a subtle aesthetic. Time in the Great Room flies unnoticed, contacts are made on their own, and those who are going on the road are sure to return.

Restaurant with terrace

Restaurant with terrace-0
Restaurant with terrace-1

The restaurant on the 8th floor will impress guests with the exquisite serving of dishes and the atmosphere of the tropical forest. Real bamboo, green marble and travertine will emphasize maximum closeness to nature. Decorative elements of noble gold color will create the effect of regal grandeur. The menu corresponds to the style: the fish dishes gallery is crowned by magnificent tuna with saffron in French sauce from the chef, and Florentine steak in no way concedes to the authentic delicacies of Tuscany.

The menu corresponds to the style: the fish dishes gallery is crowned by magnificent tuna with saffron in French sauce from the chef, and Florentine steak in no way concedes to the authentic delicacies of Tuscany.

Restaurant with terrace-0
Restaurant with terrace-1

Inimitable design,
embodying the aesthetics of the south, will impress guests no less than author's dishes of high cuisine from the brand-chef.

Restaurant 3 meals

Meal restaurant-0
Meal restaurant-1
Meal restaurant-2

The restaurant is instantly transported to the tropics. The ceiling with wooden ceilings rests on stylized piles resembling mighty trunks of baobabs, and broad-leaved tropical plants arranged along the hall give the interior a colonial flavor.

The restaurant disposes to socializing in a large friendly company or celebrating a family feast overlooking the seascape. Buffets and cosmopolitan cuisine complete the overall noble living atmosphere at MANTERA Seaview Residence.



Start your wonderful morning with a visit to the Cafeteria. Invigorating coffee, fresh pastries and delicious desserts, and you're already full of energy for a new adventure at MANTERA Seaview Residence.

Stop for a cup of your favorite hot beverage, plunge into a dream and smell the aroma of freshly baked croissants at the Cafeteria - it's worth the trip to France, because it's already here.

Cafeteria 1
Cafeteria 2

Two-story bar

Two-story bar-0
Two-story bar-1
Two-story bar-2
Two-story bar-3
Two-story bar-4

There are no casual details in the two-story bar. Soft subdued light, paintings and ornaments decorating the walls - the interior decoration speaks for itself: this is a place for complete immersion in a vacation on the Black Sea coast.

Exquisite hors d'oeuvres and designer cocktails - sometimes you just need to let yourself enjoy the moment and every minute at MANTERA Seaview Residence becomes a festival of delicate sensations.



Private atmosphere, representative lounge - in M-Club it is ideal to communicate with business partners, discuss creative ideas with colleagues or simply enjoy the resort life in easy small talk with friends. A special element of the M-Club is the terrace with a sea view, where you can spend your time contemplating the beauty of nature. A respectable bar with a decent selection of elite drinks and a 24/7 buffet will fill any meeting at M-Club with an unforgettable experience.


Kids Club-0
Kids Club-1
Kids Club-2
Kids Club-3
Kids Club-4
Kids Club-5
Kids Club-6
Welcome to the land of wholesome entertainment! every child in the kids' club is provided with care and attention.

Big ideas come from the nursery. Great ideas begin in the nursery. the club concept combines development and safety. the physical activity room with ropes, rings and swings flows smoothly into the room for watching cartoons together. mysterious passages lead to the rest room with comfortable sofas and soft, calm lighting. next to it is the learning space with fun tasks to develop creative imagination. the room for natural climbers helps to defeat gravity, and the box filled with balls helps each child feel a state of weightlessness.

Congress Center


For large business events with business partners there is a two-storey congress center for 1200 people.

The congress area consists of 10 transformer halls that can be configured into rooms of different capacities.

In addition to meeting rooms inside the convention center there is a large transformable hall, which is suitable for the organization of celebrations, banquets and concerts.