* Истории мантера
Mantera Muse
** ** муза мантеры

We present to your attention the muse of MANTERA Seaview Residence.

Woven from the aroma of the sea breeze and the burning breath of the mountains; dancing with the winds and singing with the birds; modern, but originally from antiquity; carrying the strength and wisdom of generations; commanding the elements and patronizing those who share its principles of harmony with nature.

She is a manifestation of vitality and energy.
It is a synergy of human and natural potentials.

The muse is the spirit and inspirer of MANTERA Seaview residence, protecting
the unique atmosphere of a unique natural space that has arisen on the Black Sea coast and is always waiting for the return of its owner.

For the first time, the muse appeared at an event timed to coincide with a press conference
for the largest media in Russia, held on August 22, 2022, during which
a new federal developer FIVE was presented.

From now on, each FIVE project will have its own muse, embodying the uniqueness and
emphasizing the uniqueness of the projects implemented by the developer. And the first
in the incredible galaxy of FIVE inspirers is the muse of MANTERA Seaview residence.

Love Story
** История любви

Mantera. a girl in a photo

Romantic drama, adventure


A guy and a girl, they are free spirits and don’t know each other. the characters are united by the passion for sea space, snow-covered mountain peaks, and in a moment it intertwines their fates.


Our hero comes to the sunny coast in search of adventures. a romantic by nature, he is enchanted by the unusual atmosphere of the place. the serene sea, the mountain peaks - the hero enjoys every moment. but a random fleeting meeting with a girl changes his life.

He is desperately looking for the stranger everywhere. as the setting changes, mountain peaks, a village sheltered in the valley, the streets of a big city flash before him. all he has is a faceless photo of the girl and a writing on her wrist echoing in the hero’s heart: behold.

The search leads our hero to mantera seaview residence, an extraordinary space on the sea shore. and here he finds her. but fate surprises him, presenting a young man with a choice. can our hero find his happiness?