Сonstruction progress
* Сonstruction progress




The construction of the elite complex MANTERA Seaview residence is going on at an active pace. The construction of blocks "A" and "B", in which the premium class residences will be located, is carried out at the level of the third floors. In total, the buildings of the residences provide from 6 to 8 levels, which will be presented in the form of a cascade. This architectural solution is intended to emphasize the associative connection of the project with the marine environment and to focus on the exclusive feature of MANTERA Seaview residence - located on the first line. Simultaneously with the construction of the residence buildings, the monolithic structures of the walls of the first and second floors of a five-star hotel are being installed, which will be managed by an international hotel operator. The construction site employs 520 people and over 30 units of special equipment, including 8 tower cranes and 7 truck cranes.


Construction work continues on the site of the future MANTERA Seaview residence. The walls of the second floors of the premium class residences are being constructed. At the same time, work on the foundation is being completed and the installation of the first floors of the five-star hotel continues. At the moment, the facility employs more than 500 people and 25 pieces of equipment.


Works on the installation of the facade are in progress. Work is underway on the installation of window structures. Work is underway to install engineering systems. Rough and final finishing works are in progress.